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GGA Genetic Center Unleashing Your Genetic Code 

Genomic Medicine • Personalized Medicine

Genetic Tests • Extended Carrier Tests • Cancer Risks • Preventive Care  • Genetic Sequencing  


Our clients include hospitals, genetic institutes, HMOs, insurance companies, medical laboratories, maternity and fertility clinics, sperm banks, physicians, genetic counselors, researchers, academic institutions and private individuals.


Some of the genetic tests are funded by the Ministry of Health and by HMOs, where eligibility is determined according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Additional Services

  • NGS sequencing services (genes and exomes), accompanied by bioinformatics and clinical analysis

  • Genetic research and development services for external entities, commercial companies, researchers and academic institutions

  • Genetic counseling services provided by geneticists

  • Performing genetic tests and providing professional opinions for the legal system

Genetic Tests

  • Pregnancy, Fertility, and Family Planning  tests (Extended carrier screening, Rainbow GenetiX, GGA360 full sequencing)

  • Oncogenetics - Tests related to hereditary cancer risks (breast, ovarian, colon, etc.)

  • Clinical tests in other medical fields (cardiology, diabetes, metabolism, etc.)

  • Preventive Care test (such as hyper-coagulation)

  • Pharmacogenetic tests (expected response to hundreds of drugs)

  • Quality-of-life tests

  • Exome sequencing (whole exome, clinical, trio), panels and genes

News and Updates (Hebrew)

GGA in a nutshell

GGA Genetic Center (Galil Genetic Analysis Ltd.) is a leading genetic center and laboratory certified by the Ministry of Health in Israel, that performs advanced genetic, medical and clinical tests , genetic counseling and genetic research services since 2009.


The vision of GGA Genetic Center is to be a significant player in the process of implementation and transition to genomic medicine and personalized medicine, through an advanced genetic center, which routinely provides advanced genetic testing services - on one hand, and constantly develops new tests and participates in leading research in these fields - on the other hand.

Together with its leading team, GGA operates the largest private genetic clinical laboratory, in Israel with a wide variety of constantly updated technologies maintaining Israeli and international accreditation and certifications. The company performs all the required genetic tests as a one-stop-shop, while developing new tests and testing methods and introducing and applying new technologies from various companies and manufacturers around the world. 


Contact Us

GGA - Galil Genetic Analysis Ltd.

Katzrin Industrial Park, POB 3664
12900 Katzrin

Tel: 04-9007101

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