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GGA Leading Team

Prof. (PhD) Dani Berkovich

Co-Founder, Scientific Director

Prof. Berkovich is an expert in molecular genetics and former head of the graduate program in biotechnology at the Tel Hai Academic College. Dani participated in the Human Genome Project as part of his studies at the Baylor University School of Medicine, USA. His main areas of research are genetic and molecular analysis of known and new genetic diseases, genetic susceptibility to cancers of various types, such as colorectal cancer, Lynch syndrome, As well as pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine. Dani published many articles in these fields.

Dr. (PhD), Adv. Yoram Plotsky
Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Plotsky holds a PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology and is an expert lawyer in genetics and legal systems.  Yoram is one of the leading experts in Israel on the subject and as such lectures in several universities on genetics and molecular biology and on "Ethics and Genetics". The main research topics: molecular genetics, prenatal genetic diagnosis of hereditary diseases, genetic diagnosis and determination of family relationships, new methods in molecular biology, DNA as forensic evidence. Yoram published articles and chapters in books on these subjects.

Dr. (PhD) Shirley Horn-Saban

Dr. Horn-Saban holds a PhD in Genomics and Molecular Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Shirley established the first unit in Israel for genomic technologies at the Weizmann Institute and headed it for 15 years, being the first person to engage and implement NGS technology in Israel. Shirley is an expert in the introduction of advanced genomic technologies, their implementation and tailoring their use according to the needs of the project, while interfacing with bioinformatics solutions.

Dr. Dekel is an expert in animal genomics, agriogenomics and innovations in plant genomics, as well as a researcher in drug development and protein drug delivery. Dr. Dekel is a graduate of Tel Aviv University in biochemistry and post-doctoral studies at the Migal Institute. As a researcher at the Shamir Institute, he lectures at the Academic College in Safed and is an acclaimed lecturer in his field.

Dr. (PhD) Yaron Dekel
Plants and Animals,
Dept Manager

פרופ' (MD) רות גרשוני
מנהלת רפואית, מנהלת מעבדה

Prof. (MD) Ruth Gershoni

Medical & Lab Manager

Prof. Gershoni is an expert in medical genetics and pediatrics. She established and managed the genetic institute at the Rambam Medical Center for more than 25 years and served as a senior lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics and Genetics at the Technion's Faculty of Medicine. She is one of the leading experts in Israel in the field of medical genetics and genetic diagnosis in various medical fields, including pre- and post- pregnancy, pediatric medicine, retardation and developmental delay in children and genetic diseases in adults.

Efrat Kellerman (MSc)
Molecular Lab Manager

Efrat Kellerman holds a BA in Chemistry and Biology and a Master's Degree in Human Genetics from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to joining GGA Genetic Center, Efrat worked for 9 years at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, as a laboratory worker in the Research Laboratory of the Medical Genetics Unit and before that in the Research Unit of the Metabolic Unit.


Tal Raz (MSc)
Regulations & Quality Manager 

Tal Raz holds a BA in Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Plant Sciences. Tal has specialized in regulatory and quality management processes. Prior to joining GGA, Tal worked for 19 years at Israel's Protalix, which specializes in the production of bio-therapeutics and was a partner in the development of Gaucher's drug and its approval by regulatory authorities around the world.

Dr. (PhD) Roi Feingersh 
R&D Manager

Dr. Roi Feingersh is a molecular biologist and an expert in the development of genomic diagnostic methods for cancer and genetic diseases. Dr. Feingersh was one of the founders of the Genomic Diagnostics Laboratory and the Genomic Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Safed of Bar-Ilan University, and later developed the laboratory of Genesort Ltd.

Eyal Saban
Business Development

Eyal Saban worked for more than 30 years in various positions in the high-tech industry, starting as a software engineer in the 1980s, through development, management, marketing and business development positions. Eyal served for more than 10 years as Senior Vice President of Unitronics and participated in IPO processes, investor relations, marketing and international trade. Over the years, he established and participated as an entrepreneur and leader in activities and projects in various fields and engaged in consulting and training for companies and managers.

 Advisory Board 

Prof. (PhD) Snait Tamir

Nutrition and Sports

Prof. Snait Tamir, from the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Tel Hai Academic College, served as the Chair of the Department and later as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and has a BA and a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT.


Prof. Tamir is currently the Vice President of the Tel Hai Academic College.


Prof. Tamiris collaborating with GGA Genetic Center on the development of genetic testing for nutrition and sports.

Prof. (MD) Ronen Loebstein


Prof. Ronen Loebstein (MD) is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is currently the director of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer and a lecturer at the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. He is a member of the Israeli Association of Internal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology, as well as the American Association of Pharmacology and Clinical Therapy. Prof. Loebstein is a recipient of the President's Award of the American Association of Psychiatry and Medicines (ASCPT). His research now focuses on databases that assess the safety and efficacy of drugs, as well as pharmacogenetics, genetic factors that influence variability in reactions and drug side effects.

GGA employs about 20 employees. All professional employees, scientists and laboratory personnel having an Msc, PhD or MD degree, and all laboratory employees are certified as medical laboratory workers by the Ministry of Health.

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