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About GGA Genetic Center

GGA Genetic Center (Galil Genetic Analysis Ltd.) is a leading genetic center and laboratory certified by the Ministry of Health in Israel, that performs advanced genetic, medical and clinical tests, genetic counseling and genetic research services since 2009.


The vision of GGA Genetic Center is to be a significant player in the process of implementation and transition to genomic medicine and personalized medicine, through an advanced genetic center, which routinely provides advanced genetic testing services - on the one hand, and constantly develops new tests and participates in leading research in these fields - on the other hand.

Together with its leading team, GGA operates the largest private genetic clinical laboratory, in Israel with a wide variety of constantly updated technologies maintaining Israeli and international accreditation and certifications. The company performs all the required genetic tests as a one-stop-shop, while developing new tests and testing methods and introducing and applying new technologies from various companies and manufacturers around the world. 


The company operates a  sample collection and transportation system from all over the country.


The laboratories and headquarters of the GGA Genetic Center are located near the industrial zone in Katzerin and extend over an area of approximately 800 square meters with future growth capacity. The laboratories and offices, including the accompanying systems, were built according to the unique needs of the GGA Genetic Center.

NGS sequencing (using NextSeq & MiSeq platforms by illumina®)


Sanger sequencing
(using ABI 3130XL platform)

Genotyping using Fluidigm® platform

Development of NGS custom libraries - Genotyping using Juno by Fluidigm®

qPCR using chips on Fluidigm® BIOMARK HD and ABI 7500 platforms


digital PCR using chips on Fluidigm® BIOMARK HD

Gene Expression and Transcriptome using Fluidigm® BIOMARK HD, using chips on Affymetrix platform and using NGS

DNA/RNA arrays tests using Affymetrix platforms:

CytoScan® 750K Array, CytoScan® HD Array, OncoScan, microRNA, SNP, RNA expression

Fragment Analysis tests such as STR ,FRAX ,MALPA Using ABI's  Sanger sequencing platform 

A large part of the lab operations is performed using Automated & Robotic equipment, such as: 

 MagNA Pure robot for
 DNA Extraction

QIAgility Robot
for preparing PCR

for testing PCR products

for preparing NGS Libraries


Certification & Accreditation

  • GGA is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a registered medical and clinical lab for molecular genetic tests

  • GGA holds an OECD-GLP certification for Genetic Studies issued by the Lab Accreditation Authority (valid in all OECD countries)

  • GGA holds an ISO:9001 certification issued by the Standards Institution of Israel

  • GGA holds an ISO:151589 certification for NGS sequencing, issued by the Lab Accreditation Authority (valid in all OECD countries)

  • GGA databases are lawfully registered by the Ministry of Justice

  • GGA is in the process of getting an ISO:27799 certification for information security management in health

2021 משרד הבריאות

Research & Development

The research and development department at GGA Genetic Center is working on research aimed at finding genetic innovations. The company uses a database of DNA samples that it accumulated during the course of the many genetic tests performed (after receiving written consent from the sampling owners and the appropriate Helsinki protocol). We believe that through our growing database we can find links between diseases and genes, mutations or other genetic derivatives.

At the same time, GGA's development department is constantly developing new tests and new diagnostic methods for existing genetic tests, which are designed to enable faster, more accurate diagnosis at a lower cost than standard tests.

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