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Additional Services

R&D Services

GGA Genetic Center provides research services in its fields of activity, including Sanger and NGS Genotyping, Gene Expression, DNA / RNA qPCR, and more, including GLP tests in clinical trials for pharma companies in Israel and abroad, Hospitals, academic projects and projects for private companies engaged in research and development in the medical field.

Legal & Forensic Services

The Court recognizes the inherent complexity of DNA evidence and its limited capacity to examine them objectively in depth. The field of DNA testing for the legal system is under the supervision of Dr.  and Adv. Yoram Plotsky, one of the only individuals in Israel and the world who holds a PhD in genetics and is a law practitioner. He has extensive experience in the study of genetic markers, who is also an active lawyer with experience in DNA files.

GGA Genetic Center offers several services in the context of genetic testing in the legal system:

  • Providing an initial scientific and legal opinion for the defense, the quality of DNA evidence, and possible directions for dealing with such evidence.

  • Providing an expert opinion to the court on the examinations and conclusions of the expert on behalf of the prosecution, according to an analysis of the work file and the opinion of the expert on behalf of the prosecution.

  • Repeat the DNA tests performed by the expert on behalf of the prosecution and perform further tests, if required, including submitting an expert opinion to the court.

  • Consulting and assisting in preparing cross-examination of the expert on behalf of the prosecution.

  • Conducting cross-examination of the expert on behalf of the prosecution in court.

  • Assistance in writing court summaries on DNA evidence.

NGS Sequencing Services

GGA genetic center offers genetic sequencing services using the Next Generation Sequencing technology (NGS) of genomes, whole exomes, clinical exomes, and individual genes or gene panels. If necessary, the results undergo sequencing with other technologies (Eg Sanger), followed by bioinformatics analysis and clinical significance analysis - all offered as a one-stop-shop service by GGA Genetic Center.

NGS is the most advanced genetic sequencing technology today, which enables simultaneous scanning of thousands of genes. Its main advantages are speed, price, length of the tested sequence and accuracy. GGA has the largest knowledge and experience in Israel in the field of NGS and its team include the first individuals to implement this technology in Israel. This is available to GGA customers, researchers and physicians.

Genetic Counseling Services

GGA offers genetic counseling services provided by genetic physicians, headed by Prof. Ruth Gershuni (MD), an expert in medical genetics and pediatrics who has established and managed the Rambam Medical Center genetic unit for more than 25 years.

Genetic counseling is an important component of genetic testing, for diagnosing abnormalities in pregnancy or for people suspected of having a genetic disease, and for identifying a predisposition to a disease with a genetic component. Genetic counseling is usually provided in connection with pregnancy (before or during), in the context of diagnosing a disease or syndrome in a child or adult, and in connection with the identification of a genetic predisposition to a common disease such as cancer.

Plants and Animals Genetic Tests and Research Services

The Animal and Plant Department at GGA Genetic Center provides laboratory and research services for veterinarians, pharmers and cultivators, performing genetic testing in the context of diagnosing diseases in sick individuals, planning breeding and cultivating and protecting species.

GGA genetic center is in agreement with Vetmarket, which markets the veterinary tests performed by GGA. In recent years the company has performed thousands of MDR1 tests in dogs. An article published by company scientists on this topic can be found at this link.

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