Genetic Tests

Genetic testing plays a central role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in particular for the subject, his or her immediate and future relatives and offspring. Genetic tests are performed to diagnose carriers and prenatal testing of genetic diseases, to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the disease in cases where there is genetic testing for differential diagnosis, to diagnose diseases at an early stage - a diagnosis of great therapeutic and prognostic importance, to determine genetic susceptibility to diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer, colorectal and other types of cancer. Findings may have important significance for preventive medicine as well as for therapeutic medicine, including avoiding the use of low efficiency drugs, saving huge sums to the medical system.

GGA Genetic Center offers a wide range of genetic testing using the latest and most accurate technologies in all the areas listed below. GGA undertakes strict testing, bioinformatics analysis as needed, positive results using as much technology as possible, and preparing a final letter signed by two professors of genetics.

The following tests are offered by GGA Genetic Center by field (Currently in Hebrew, click the + sign for more information):


How it works?

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